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  • The Easiest Way to Create a Footer Using Divi
    The footer is one of the most important sections in a website. Not only does the footer give a website a finished feel, but it can also be filled with important elements – such as company information, navigation elements, links to popular content, social media account icons – that can ...
    Post by: Divi Spacepublished: 25-01-2019By Lisa-Robyn Keown
    3 weeks ago
  • How to Apply Colliding Animations to Design Elements with Divi
    Adding animations to design elements on your page can definitely help you increase engagement. There are many animation options available in Divi’s Visual Builder and they’re quite straightforward to use. But you can also get creative with these animations and use them in a unique way. In this post, we’ll handle three examples of colliding ...
    Post by: Elegant Themespublished: 24-01-2019By Donjete Vuniqi
    3 weeks ago
  • 5LINX
    Business services website built with Divi Theme “5LINX offers a unique work from home opportunities based on products & services people use everyday. Start building your business today!” This Divi Theme website uses the following WordPress plugins; WP Pagenavi The post 5LINX appeared first on Divi Theme Examples. ...
    Post by: Divi Showcase Gallerypublished: 24-01-2019By Divi Theme Examples
    3 weeks ago
  • SOS Divi Overlays
    SOS Divi Overlays demo site Divi SOS is a premium Divi plugin by Be Superfly for creating overlays in the Divi Theme. “Build simple overlays using the Divi Builder. Open them on click or automatically after a timed delay.” This Divi Theme website uses the following WordPress plugins; Divi Background Plus Divi Sos The Preloader ...
    Post by: Divi Showcase Gallerypublished: 24-01-2019By Craig Longmuir
    3 weeks ago
  • Overlapping CTA sections
    5 Call To Action (CTA) sections with overlapping elements This download from Elegant Themes includes 5 differently styled Call-To-Action sections which come with ovelapping elements. On hover the element will hover above the other elements. If you prefer to learn as you go, the download page on the Elegant Themes blog also includes instructions on how ...
    Post by: Divi Layoutspublished: 24-01-2019By Divi Layouts
    3 weeks ago
  • Download 5 FREE CTA Sections with Overlapping Elements for Divi
    Using overlaps in your design can really add an extra dimension to the website you’re building. We’re already used to the bottom-to-top and right-to-left overlaps, which we frequently use in layout packs and Divi design tutorials. But, you can also build unique overlaps without taking the bottom-to-top and right-to-left hierarchy into consideration. Further down the ...
    Post by: Elegant Themespublished: 23-01-2019By Donjete Vuniqi
    3 weeks ago
  • How to Reveal Content with a Shutter Hover Effect in Divi
    Revealing module content on hover can have some helpful benefits. 1) It can be a great way to have a more compact or elegant design of your web page initially. 2) It saves space. 3) It can entice users to interact with your page. 4) It looks cool :). The basic idea is to show ...
    Post by: Elegant Themespublished: 22-01-2019By Jason Champagne
    4 weeks ago
  • How To Add A Live Facebook Feed To Your WordPress Website
    With over 2.27 billion monthly active users, Facebook is one of the world’s leading brands and social networks. Beyond simply displaying the social media icon linking to your Facebook page on your website, there are plenty of other ways to integrate your business’ Facebook profile with your WordPress website. One such option is to ...
    Post by: Aspen Grove Studiospublished: 22-01-2019By Lisa-Robyn Keown
    4 weeks ago
  • The Blog Creative
    Web & graphics designer site built with Divi Theme “I am a web designer, and Illustrator. Despite having degrees in Interior Design and Nursing, I pursued this career because designing has always been my passion. I love designing and creating beautiful things and this fuels me to do something awesome .” This Divi Theme website ...
    Post by: Divi Showcase Gallerypublished: 22-01-2019By Divi Theme Examples
    4 weeks ago
  • Personal Stylist pack
    Divi layout pack for Personal Stylist A free Divi layout pack designed for a personal stylist, fashion advisor or clothing blogger websites. This layout pack is released  by Elegant Themes and comes with 7 pre-designed page templates. ** Since Divi Version 3.0.99 you can import the layouts included in this pack directly from the Divi ...
    Post by: Divi Layoutspublished: 22-01-2019By Divi Layouts
    4 weeks ago
  • Divi Personal Stylist
    Divi Personal Stylist layout demo site This is the demo site for the free Divi Personal Stylist layout pack that is released by Elegant Themes. ** Since Divi Version 3.0.99 you can import the layouts included in this pack directly from the Divi Builder. ** Affiliate disclosure* –  Links to layouts on Elegant Themes and 3rd ...
    Post by: Divi Showcase Gallerypublished: 22-01-2019By Craig Longmuir
    4 weeks ago
  • Get a FREE Personal Stylist Layout Pack for Divi
    Hey Divi Nation! Thanks for joining us for the next installment of our weekly Divi Design Initiative where each week, we give away two brand new, free Divi Layout Packs from our design team to you. This time around, Kenny and his team have created a gorgeous Personal Stylist Layout Pack that’ll help you get ...
    Post by: Elegant Themespublished: 21-01-2019By Donjete Vuniqi
    4 weeks ago
  • Wireframe Kit
    Wireframe Kit Child Theme from Be Superfly Wireframe Kit Child Theme is a premium Divi (super) Theme released by Be Superfly. Each of the Be Superfly Super Themes comes with a unique design but are made up of the same Divi layout sections. Wireframe Kit Child Theme includes; 75+ Divi layout sections: Phoenix comes with 75+ ...
    Post by: Divi Showcase Gallerypublished: 21-01-2019By Craig Longmuir
    4 weeks ago
  • Converter
    Converter, Divi sales page layout A premium Divi sales landing page designed to convert users into buyers created by Creative Child Themes. Designed to help launch your course, product, or webinar this layout download comes as both a Divi layoJSONJSOn and as a Divi child theme. Converter layout features; Compatible with Divi Front-End Editor. Custom mobile menu ...
    Post by: Divi Layoutspublished: 21-01-2019By Divi Layouts
    4 weeks ago
  • Divi theme Vs. Divi Builder plugin
    “Do I need the Divi plugin if I have Divi Theme installed?” is a question that comes up time and time again in the various Divi Facebook groups.  As the curator of Divi Theme Examples showcase, I look at many Divi sites using What WordPress Theme Is That? and I often see that sites are running ...
    Post by: Divi Theme Examplespublished: 21-01-2019By Craig Longmuir
    4 weeks ago
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