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  • Using Divi’s Transform Options to Create Expanding Section Content on Hover
    Today, we’re going to highlight the transform scale design option that comes with Divi’s new transform options. More so, we’re going to recreate a stunning design that allows sections to expand on hover in an elegant way. You can use this design for any kind of website you’re creating. It’ll help you share relevant content ...
    Post by: Elegant Themespublished: 20-04-2019By Donjete Vuniqi
    1 day ago
  • Divi Plugin Highlight: Simple Overlay Solution
    Simple Overlay Solution is a third-party plugin for Divi that makes it easy to create full-screen overlays, popups, and mega menus with the Divi Builder. Add multiple overlays to any page. Choose between a click or an automatic timed delay trigger, a light or dark loader, and a light or dark background. Style the close ...
    Post by: Elegant Themespublished: 19-04-2019By Randy A. Brown
    2 days ago
  • Geno Quiroz: How I Built a Successful Divi White Label Business
    I have been building websites for years and have been using Divi exclusively since it’s release. Back in 2015 I even joined Nathan Weller for an episode of Divi Nation, and the topic was on Building a Divi Consultancy. Like most Divi users, I worked mostly with clients that needed help with their single website. ...
    Post by: Elegant Themespublished: 18-04-2019By Geno Quiroz
    3 days ago
  • How to Create a Divi Timeline + Free Layout
    There are plenty of options in Divi to display content besides your standard modules, and being creative with them can pay off. One of the more interesting approaches you can use is to display your content is using timeline. Timelines are perfect for telling stories and visualizing processes. You can ...
    Post by: Divi Spacepublished: 18-04-2019By Anna Kurowska
    3 days ago
  • How to Use an SVG as a Logo in WordPress
    SVGs have grown in popularity, especially with the onset of responsive, mobile-friendly design. Great for small, simple images or graphics that don’t have too many complex elements such as logos, patterns or icons, more and more website creators are using SVG files in their designs. WordPress has a somewhat complicated relationship with SVGs – ...
    Post by: Aspen Grove Studiospublished: 18-04-2019By Lisa-Robyn Keown
    3 days ago
  • Divi Centered Inline Buttons
    Are you looking for a quick and easy way to get all your buttons on a single line and centered? A while back I wrote a tutorial for taking all of your buttons in a single column and putting them on a single line using a little CSS. If you look at the comments, you ...
    Post by: Geno Quirozpublished: 17-04-2019By Geno Quiroz
    4 days ago
  • Decorating Your Page with Transforming Shapes on Hover with Divi
    Creating interactive design is something that immediately helps elevate the look and feel of any website. With Divi’s built-in options, you can take many turns and create effects that are truly unique to your website. In this post, we’re going to show you how to decorate your page with transforming shapes on hover. The result ...
    Post by: Elegant Themespublished: 17-04-2019By Donjete Vuniqi
    4 days ago
  • Seajets Mykonos Cruise
    Travel website built with Divi Theme “The “Island of the Winds” constitutes the premier summer destination in Greece and attracts the elite from around the world due to its glamour, cosmopolitan aura, amazing food and wondrous beaches. Here you are able to enjoy a true five star experience with epic recreational activities and picturesque natural ...
    Post by: Divi Showcase Gallerypublished: 17-04-2019By Divi Theme Examples
    5 days ago
  • Keep Standard Divi Footer in Divi Den Pro
    The Divi Den Pro plugin makes it easy to apply a large library of layouts to various parts of the Divi Theme. For instance, it contains a number of pre-designed footer layouts which can be applied to the site. The selected footer layout will replace the built-in Divi footer (i.e. ...
    Post by: Divi Boosterpublished: 17-04-2019By dan
    5 days ago
  • How to Animate Letters for Unique Text Designs in Divi
    Animation has become a common part of the user experience for modern websites. Aside from the fact that it looks cool, it can also add a subtle interactive element that engages the user by bringing content to life. Divi’s built-in animation effects allow you to animate just about any element on a page with different ...
    Post by: Elegant Themespublished: 16-04-2019By Jason Champagne
    5 days ago
  • Divi real estate child themes (& layout)
    If you are looking to set up a real estate or property niche website with Divi then these real estate child themes and layout pack may be a quick and easy way to get your site online. Each of these themes uses different listing methods to manage the property listings but all allow you to ...
    Post by: Divi Theme Examplespublished: 16-04-2019By Craig Longmuir
    5 days ago
  • Water Street Marketing
    Marketing services website built with Divi Theme “Water Street Marketing | Marketing services for small businesses and organizations in the Saginaw, MI area and beyond.” This Divi Theme website uses the following WordPress plugins; All In One SEO Pack Divi Lol Divi Stop Stacking Mhmm Divi_module_timeline The post Water Street Marketing appeared first on Divi ...
    Post by: Divi Showcase Gallerypublished: 16-04-2019By Divi Theme Examples
    6 days ago
  • Move the Divi Blurb Header Above The Image
    Are you looking for a quick and easy way to swap the Divi Blurb Header and Image? I assumed this would be an easy solution using CSS & Flex. Once I realized that the header is nested in a DIV within a DIV, other than the parent, I knew I might have some issues. I ...
    Post by: Geno Quirozpublished: 15-04-2019By Geno Quiroz
    6 days ago
  • Get a FREE Mortgage Broker Layout Pack
    Hey Divi Nation! Thanks for joining us for the next installment of our weekly Divi Design Initiative where each week, we give away brand new, free Divi Layout Packs from our design team to you. This time around, Kenny and his team have created an abstract Mortgage Broker Layout Pack that looks really modern and ...
    Post by: Elegant Themespublished: 15-04-2019By Donjete Vuniqi
    6 days ago
  • Wild Autumn
    501(c)(3) nonprofit website built with Divi Theme “Our ultimate goal is to help women and their children believe and experience the reality of a new life after abuse. The renewal and freedom that follows by feeling safe at home.” This Divi Theme website uses the following WordPress plugins; Contact Form 7 Divi Overlays Svg Support ...
    Post by: Divi Showcase Gallerypublished: 15-04-2019By Divi Theme Examples
    7 days ago
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