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  • How to Toggle Divi Transform Properties on Click (with jQuery)
    Divi’s built-in transform options have proven to be an extremely useful design tool, allowing you to scale, rotate, skew, or position any element on a page with ease. And, you can even choose to transform elements in the hover state for amazing hover effects. But today, I’m going to introduce a method for deploying these ...
    Post by: Elegant Themespublished: 25-05-2019By Jason Champagne
    1 day ago
  • 5 Ways to Make Your Copy Pop with Divi’s Hover & Transform Options
    Over the past few weeks, the new Divi transform options have helped spark our creativity. One of the best things about the transform options is the visual “pop” that comes with using it. With just a few tweaks, you can change the overall user experience of any module, row, section or page you’re working on. ...
    Post by: Elegant Themespublished: 24-05-2019By Donjete Vuniqi
    2 days ago
  • How to Rotate Section Dividers to Create Stunning Side Borders with Divi’s Transform Options
    Every week, we provide you with new and free Divi layout packs which you can use for your next project. For one of the layout packs, we also share a use case that’ll help you take your website to the next level. This week, as part of our ongoing Divi design initiative, we’re going to ...
    Post by: Elegant Themespublished: 23-05-2019By Donjete Vuniqi
    3 days ago
  • Recommended Settings for Divi Hosting
    In this article, we will explore the Divi recommended hosting settings regularly provided by the Elegant Themes support staff. You will learn some recommendations are mere suggestions, however, others, if not set properly, could potentially break your site or severely impact performance. Introduction ...
    Post by: Aspen Grove Studiospublished: 22-05-2019By Alex Vojacek
    4 days ago
  • Get a FREE Actor CV Layout Pack for Divi
    Hey Divi Nation! Thanks for joining us for the next installment of our weekly Divi Design Initiative; where each week, we give away a brand new, free Divi Layout Pack from our design team to you. For this week, Kenny and his team have created a beautifully polished Actor CV Layout Pack. This pack has ...
    Post by: Elegant Themespublished: 20-05-2019By Jason Champagne
    6 days ago
  • Divi Photography Child Theme | Best Photography Child Theme for Divi
    We’re so excited to announce the release of our brand new product, the Photography Child Theme for Divi! Designed for photographers, the Photography Child Theme for Divi is guaranteed to help you land clients, book shoots, sell your images and grow your photography brand! Built to last, the Photography Child ...
    Post by: Divi Spacepublished: 20-05-2019By Lisa-Robyn Keown
    7 days ago
  • Autoplay Video Module YouTube Clips on Hover
    The Divi Theme's video module allows you to add (among other things) YouTube clips to your page. If you'd like the videos to start playing when the user hovers over them, you can do so with the following jQuery code: <script> jQuery(function($) { var video_url; ...
    Post by: Divi Boosterpublished: 20-05-2019By dan
    7 days ago
  • Open Blog Module Featured Images in Lightbox
    The Divi Theme's blog module gives you the option of displaying featured images for each of the posts. By default, these images link to the post to which they relate. If you'd prefer that the images open in a lightbox, you can use the following jQuery code: <script> jQuery(function($) { setTimeout(function(){ ...
    Post by: Divi Boosterpublished: 17-05-2019By dan
    1 week ago
  • Using Transform Translate vs. Negative Margin with Divi
    It’s no secret that Divi comes with a ton of options. And sometimes, some of these options might seem to deliver similar outcomes. It’s important to know the difference and how and when to use them. Negative margin and transform translate are two of those design options that can deliver a similar outcome and in ...
    Post by: Elegant Themespublished: 16-05-2019By Donjete Vuniqi
    1 week ago
  • Change the Blurb Module Icon / Image Placement on Mobiles
    The Divi Theme's blurb module offers a choice of two placements for the blurb icon / image: on top of the text, or to its left. The same placement is used on both desktop and mobile versions. If you'd prefer your left-positioned images and icons to switch to a top-positioned ...
    Post by: Divi Boosterpublished: 16-05-2019By dan
    2 weeks ago
  • Using Divi’s New Height & Width Options to Create Responsive Design
    Although they’re usually not the first thing visitors notice about your website, width and height CSS properties help keep your website together and looking awesome. And now, with Divi’s new draggable sizing options, you can literally control every element’s width, max width, min height, height and max height inside the builder itself. This gives you ...
    Post by: Elegant Themespublished: 15-05-2019By Donjete Vuniqi
    2 weeks ago
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